“We’re all in manic good spirits but partway through dinner the decibel level is noticeably lower. And then it comes to a halt.”

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The scene at one of Ray and Richard’s dinner parties is captured with wicked delight. Unexpected moments, often humorous (at least after the fact), sometimes embarrassing (at least at the time), from the “tales” at each of the soirées. You’ll find these tales inside TABLE TALES, as well as

15 do-ahead dinner party menus,

each one with incredible canapés, a savory first course, a delicious entree and an unforgettable dessert.

Each dinner party menu is spiced with advice and insight:

Hospitality Tip: We prefer round or oval tables to foster eye contact among all guests…

Time Saver: The completely baked strudel can also be frozen for weeks ahead of time.

Afterthoughts: You will probably have more onion mixture than is required. It makes a wonderful warmed passed appetizer when put into mini fillo shells or other small pastry cups.

Enjoy your parties…AND your guests!

A wonderful, comprehensive guide to entertaining at home, with smart and elegant recipes that are nods to the true classics. (I never thought to have gougères prepped in advance and frozen!) This lovely book is filled with tips like that and so very much more.
Antoni Porowski

Cohost of Queer Eye and author of the forthcoming Antoni in the Kitchen

I have personally enjoyed several of Ray’s and Richard’s fabulous soirees, they are just as much fun as they are delicious! An entertaining guide with plan-ahead mouthwatering recipes and host tips to make entertaining stylish, easy and fun.
Terrance Brennan

CEO Brennan Group Hospitality, and chef owner of the former Picholine Restaurant, NYC

From appetizers (copious) to the main course (exciting) to dessert (sumptuous), the food at the parties of Ray Repp and Rich Alther is legendary. What’s even more remarkable than the food is that the hosts spend the night having fun with their guests.
Rux Martin

Director, Rux Martin Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

I met Ray and Rich years ago in Vermont at a summer picnic and I’ll never forget the layered coconut cake they served. They are fabulous hosts. As a host, I will be channeling their witty stories, personal anecdotes and hospitality notes in Table Tales.
Mariana Velasquez

Taste maker, food stylist, founder of Buenlimon Aprons, and author of 'Frutas'